Ep 103: How To Compete Everyday, Jake Thompson 

Jake Thompson, feels lucky to be able to do what he does, which is coach, speak, design apparel, host a podcast and run his company, Compete Every Day. He works with youth athletics, writes a blog and has made it his mission to help people live their dreams . Sitting down with him, I was amazed to find something out a weakness he had that I never would have guessed.  But, like all of his work, it's something I didn't see because he has worked so hard to overcome it and succeeded.  He loves sports, loves to compete, but what you'll hear as we speak is that he has extreme compassion and generosity at the core of his being. 



“What I do today is a professional speaker and coach, with a lot of emphasis on resilience, mental toughness”, (1:59). Have a long-term goal in mind to always keep you focused, (5:00). “You just have to bob and weave to get to where you want to go, don’t give up on your mission and vision”, (7:10). How his past experiences led to his desires for achieving success, (9:01). “Being a highly competitive person in general, I had to learn the difference between healthy competing and trying to compare compete with everyone”, (9:50). “I have ADHD, so I must be really good at wearing multiple hats and writing everything down, while staying consistent and on track”, (17:00). Running a business requires consistency and leadership because every decision you make will impact the team and company, (20:00). Read books and connect with people, (22:02). “It’s about not being afraid to test things and see what works and what doesn’t so you don’t really know what's going to fit your business and your personality until you give it a shot”, (22:58). Entrepreneurship is like a puzzle, it’s really intriguing but the best part is when you do not give up, and let your grow mindset help you rise and thrive, (26:07). The better I can do my job the more people I could help, if you want to succeed help other people succeed, (29:30). A winning competitor in life or someone that I can consider successful in life have grit, they have a growth mindset, they practice gratitude, they pursue greatness in everything that they do, and then they groom others, (31:15). Grit and growth mindset allows you to endure the “no’s”, the 10,000 “No”s they allow you to keep growing and getting better. Gratitude is what allows you to enjoy the process because without gratitude we lose sight of the why, purpose and the journey that is life. Greatness means are you consistently showing up, do you have that attention to detail are you giving your best to everything that you do. Finally, true leadership is not about the followers you have but the leaders you create. What are you doing as a mentor to give back and help build others around you? These make a successful life because you are building a legacy, (31:56). Never let a hard day win, (34:20). We tend to have a huge goal and not take it one step at a time, don’t let setbacks win, use that as motivation to keep going. All plans will unfold beautifully if taken one step at a time, (37:00). The biggest key for us, it’s not to get frustrated or demotivated by how far we have to go or how much we have to do, just take one step, because those little steps start to add up overtime. It’s when we decided it’s too far or too long that we quit and let one day into two, into weeks. Just treat it like a game of tag, (38:50). “The word no means not yet, keep competing, and don’t be as distracted by the opposite sex and don’t be afraid of challenges that are ahead of you, use them as opportunities to grow,” (41:20). 


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