Ep 102:  The Miracle of You Being You

On his birthday, Matt riffs on the extreme odds of just being alive and why it's worth being grateful.    



"I know you've all got challenges, as do I, that's part of life, but..." (2:35). The odds of a person being born to being the person that they are have been described as astronomical, (2:57). "Just you being here, warts and all, is a big deal.  It's a huge thing to be grateful for." (4:19). What makes life so precious is that it's not here forever.(4:49). Why you're lucky if you're listening to a podcast, (6:06).  "Take another breath, regroup, and march."(7:19). 



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HuffPost Article: Are You a Miracle?

Book:  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson




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