Ep 100:  Lessons for Launching Any New Venture, Looking Back From 100

Matt revisits his very first episode of 10,000 "No"s, from 2017, to share with listeners how every new venture has things to be proud of and things to improve.  Topics covered include:  

- Pulling the trigger

- The benefits of "doing it wrong"

- Course-correcting

- Meeting and learning how to be better from Pros along the way

- The essential ingredients to any new venture

- How doing something that aligns with your values can help you sustain through the slow times and give you longevity

- Why you're not alone if you're scared 



"When you take on an endeavor like this, on your own at the start, you quickly realize that the John Wayne approach, going it alone, is really dumb.", (5:07). "The number one question I get from strangers, and people I know for that matter, whether it's about being an actor or having a podcast, is... 'How'd you get started?'"(6:25). A great lesson for any podcaster out there, (7:31). “You can't figure out anything from your desk, you need to do it.  And then, either you, or someone else, will realize, through trial and error, what works and what doesn't.(9:08). If you're feeling unqualified, this clip from episode 1 will make you feel better, (9:35).  "People will forgive your lack of technique in the beginning if your heart is in the right place.", (10:08). The benefits of "doing it wrong", (11:00). "Make sure what you're building is going to help someone else, that it's going to serve.", (13:32). 



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